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If you run a business and rely on the internet and computers to operate, then we can help. The services we offer make information technology work hard for you, reducing your costs and increasing productivity.

Pivotal Data Solutions brings to the table a broad set of industry experiences and a powerful ability to turn data into insight, quickly. We use and support a wide variety of technologies, allowing us to select the ones most suited to your needs.

Whether you engage us for a single project or on a regular basis to maintain your information systems and security the result will be the same, you get to focus on what you do well while we support you with what we do well.

Cloud migration & management

Cloud migration refers to the process of moving an organization’s data, applications, and other Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources from on-premises infrastructure to a cloud computing environment. Small businesses can benefit greatly from cloud migration as it provides them with access to scalable and cost-effective computing resources without the need to maintain their own hardware and software.

The first step in cloud migration for small businesses is to determine which applications and data should be moved to the cloud. Pivotal Data Solutions helps you quantify the benefits and risks of moving each application and data set to the cloud.

After selecting a cloud solution, we help you create a plan for the migration process. The migration process typically involves transferring data to the cloud, configuring the applications and adjusting processes to work in the new environment, and testing to ensure everything is working correctly.

Once the migration is complete, we help manage cloud resources effectively to optimize their use and minimize costs. This includes monitoring usage, implementing and monitoring security measures, and adjusting licenses and resource allocation as needed.

Information Systems

Installation, Maintenance and Support

Some workloads are not yet ready to be moved to the cloud or they may just be not affordable in the cloud.  Even if all your data and systems are cloud based your business relies heavily on having a fast and reliable internet connection and secure and reliable end user devices.

As an NBN accredited advisor and Aussie Broadband reseller, Pivotal Data Solutions have all the right tools, knowledge and experience to design, install and troubleshoot your local Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Information Systems Strategy

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is changes rapidly. Key technologies such as cloud and virtualisation enable small business to leverage ICT far more cost effectively than ever before. Systems that previously cost tens of thousands of dollars and carried with a high risk of failure can now be trialled for free in minutes and then, if suitable, for less than ten dollars per user per month.

The challenge for the business owners now is how do they select the right combination of cloud based and on-premise solutions from the thousands available and how do they make sure they all work together seamlessly, without suffering from “subscription creep”.

Pivotal Data Solutions will work with you to assess your current IT requirements and help you map out a plan to evolve the role of ICT throughout your business now and into the future.

Cyber Security

Awareness and Training

We strongly believe that cybersecurity training is essential and one of the most effective ways for small businesses to protect their digital assets. Here are the steps we recommend and regularly assist customers with:

Identify the potential threats

We start by identifying the types of cybersecurity threats that are most relevant to your business. This could include phishing attacks, malware infections, data breaches, and social engineering attacks.

Develop a cybersecurity policy

We help you create a comprehensive cybersecurity policy that outlines the company's expectations for employee behavior and provides guidance on how to respond to security incidents.

Train employees

Train employees on how to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats. This training should cover topics such as password management, email security, safe browsing habits, and how to avoid phishing attacks.

Conduct regular training sessions

We conduct regular cybersecurity training sessions to ensure that employees are up-to-date with the latest security threats and best practices. We use real-world examples to illustrate practically how to identify threats and also to help everyone understand the potential consequences of a cybersecurity event on your business.

Provide ongoing support

Offer ongoing support to employees who have questions or concerns about cybersecurity. This can help to reinforce the importance of cybersecurity and ensure that employees feel empowered to take action to protect the company's assets.

By following these steps, small businesses can create a culture of cybersecurity awareness, which can help to protect their digital assets and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

We’re privileged to work with great people across multiple industries.