Sales and Operational Planning

iStock_000011949971_ExtraSmallAre you always rushing to get all the products together for a shipment? Is the monthly profit and loss report a lottery and never what the budget predicted? Are the sales guys always over promising production capacity? Do special orders always fall through the cracks unless someone walks them through the system? Are your field service people being double booked and customers going to other providers? If any of these sound familiar then you may be suffering from inadequate sales and operational planning tools and processes.

Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) is not a piece of software, although there are many software packages available that will claim to solve all your problems. S&OP is a discipline that must be grown. You need to break your throughput down into manageable families and sub families, allocate responsibility for the various deliverables, get the required people together on a regular basis, and standardise the reporting. Pivotal Data Solutions will help you put all the pieces in place, step by step, helping the organisation absorb the change along the way.