Quoting System Development

iStock_000016561283XSmallHow long does it take your sales people to prepare a quote for your customer? It is not uncommon for sales people to spend a day or more preparing quotation documents, especially when offering large, complex or highly technical products and services. Reading specifications or requirements documents, listing out all the items and labour that will be required, working out the options that are available and which ones the customer may need and then finally, preparing the presentation document.

The good news is that existing technologies you probably already own can help you, but where to start? This is where Pivotal Data Solutions can help. With over 20 years direct involvement developing, using and supporting technical sales configuration systems, we will help you set up systems and process appropriate to your organisation. Previous experience shows that with the right processes and tools in place you can most likely cut quote preparation to a fraction of the current time while improving both margin and project risk exposure.