Information Systems Installation and Support

IT SupportSpending too much time fixing fiddly computer issues or too much money on fixing computer related issues just to have them occur again and again? We see this often, especially in smaller businesses.

Why is this the case? In our experience it is usually because there is a misalignment between the small business and the current information systems supplier. When the two are not aligned, the supplier cannot invest the time to understand your business. The supplier may be structured to support larger businesses with specialised technicians or they may support businesses in a different industry and do not understand the key challenges in your industry. As a result they offer big bang approaches or fall back to pay as you go computer support that penalises you for not fitting into their mould.

Why is Pivotal Data Solutions different? We are a small business as well and we take the time to understand your business and the challenges you face. We choose the industries we operate in carefully (healthcare, housing and agriculture) to ensure that, through experience, we have a better chance of understanding your challenges and opportunities. We then work together with you to make sure every step we take incrementally improves the way technology helps you do business.