Data Analysis and Presentation

iStock_000020935128SmallYou have likely heard that ‘You can’t control what you can’t measure’ or one of the many variations of this. You may also have heard ‘Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts’. These two phrases sum up the challenges presented when an enterprise is looking to make better use of available data to improve products and services or generate growth. In some cases, mountains of data exist for processes that are performing well and not affecting your customer and conversely no data exists for the processes that are adversely affecting your customers and sales.

At Pivotal Data Solutions we start by working with you and your staff to identify the processes causing the most pain for you or your customers. We then work with you to determine the one or two key performance indicators that will help you manage and improve the process or processes. Finally we help you gather, clean and transform the data required to generate the key performance indicators.

If you would like to improve a single process or you are thinking of investing in a whole new Business Intelligence project feel free to contact us to arrangeĀ an obligation free discussion.