Small Business Hybrid Cloud Solution

Local business with eleven staff members, two office locations and two site supervisors needed a simple system to replace their ageing Linux based server. Information systems security and availability was a growing concern. Staff productivity outside of the main office was severely limited.

Pivotal Data Solutions was engaged to secure the existing information systems prior to the impending arrival of NBN at both office locations. As a first stage Pivotal Data Solutions secured the existing server and desktop computers while uncovering the key information related processes that worked well within the company. We progressively:

  • Installed all required patches on all desktop machine
  • Installed and configured Bitdefender Cloud Managed Endpoint Security
  • Upgraded key software where required to ensure uniform software version company wide
  • Implemented remote monitoring and management technology to simplify future maintenance

Google_Partner_rgb_final_GLIF_Roboto-01We then successfully trialed and migrated users to Google Apps for Work cloud solution for email and calendar functionality. This reduced the number of SPAM messages landing in users mailboxes from several hundred per day to less than one or two per week. Several users have also started to use other Google apps such as instant messaging and video calling all for same low monthly cost per user.

The next step was to migrate the remaining functionality (file storage, backup and authentication and some network related features) off the old server so it could be retired. Two Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers were used to achieve a very cost effective private cloud solution with the following features:

  • Remote office file access to critical files
  • Local network services and authentication
  • Local multi version incremental backup
  • Hands free offsite backup

The next stage utilised the private cloud we had established to provide the site supervisors with mobile access to critical project documents while on site using 4G enabled iPad Air devices. This saved site supervisors several hours per week where previously they printed and collated the latest versions of documents for their current projects.

The company is already planning its next incremental project moving to NBN fibre to the premise connections with the aim of cutting monthly phone bills by over 50% while improving remote office productivity.