Quoting Automation

A wholesale distribution company selling customised products and projects through a national dealer network via a technical sales force was having issues with offer preparation time and accuracy. This was causing rework and delays through the entire company. Preparation of offers was taking sales people between 4 to 8 hours. Typographic and calculation errors increased as the sales people rush to get the offer out and meet with customers. Orders arrived with incomplete details or with obsolete product. Dealers were constantly complaining about missing parts required to complete a project.

Pivotal Data Solutions implemented a quoting system based around the Microsoft Office System already in use by the company and linked this directly into their ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics). Offer preparation time was reduced to less than 15 minutes with a more complete offer including customised payment terms and conditions. The percentage of orders with inaccuracies or missing information was reduced from over 50% to less than 5%.

Do you have challenges with the following:

  • Offers taking too long to generate
  • Production always complaining about incomplete orders
  • Old or obsolete products being sold
  • Multiple versions of offer documents with version ordered unclear
  • Training a new sales person to generate offers takes a long time
  • The quality of orders varies between sales people

If you do then it is likely you are in an industry where customers demand customised products or projects and your quoting system is not aligned with the rest of the business.

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