security_word_cloudA secure information system is a basic requirement for any modern business and security is about more than just viruses or malware.  A secure information system must empower your staff, customers and suppliers to access the information they need when they need it without exposing your business to unnecessary risk.  Connecting to the National Broadband Network (NBN) enables significant productivity gains and cost savings for the majority of modern small businesses. However, to take advantage of these gains without increasing business risk, you need to ensure your information system is also up to speed.

As a starting point, securing an information system involves assessing and where necessary improving the following:

    • System maintainability and patch management – Is your system up to date and is it easy to keep it that way?
    • Authentication systems – Reduce (or even eliminate!) password frustration.
    • Data storage and access – Where is all your critical data?
    • Disaster recovery planning and testing – Is all your critical data backed up and when was a backup last tested to see if your critical data can be restored and how long it would take?
    • Network security (Firewalls, Intrusion Detection) – Malware will get into your network, how easy is it to detect and neutralise?
    • Endpoint security (Antivirus, etc.) – Modern, cloud managed, end point protection solutions now make managing this most basic of requirements a breeze while improving flexibility.
    • Hardware disposal procedures – Get rid of your eWaste but don’t throw the data baby out with the bath water!
    • User awareness and training – Are your users aware of the risks and how to easily avoid them?


Security done well empowers and enables, done poorly it frustrates and inhibits. If you would like to secure your information systems feel free to contact us to arrange an obligation free discussion.