PDS-chartRegardless of the topic, every single decision made by a business is based on available information and as such many decisions can benefit in some way from ready access to the right information at the right time. For example:

  • Cost reduction becomes more surgical in nature and driven from the bottom up when cost information is available to the right people, in real time.
  • Budgeting and forecasting becomes less of a game of “hide and seek” and more of a powerful process supporting strategic direction.
  • Sales planning becomes more accurate and less of a wild guess when lead and opportunity trends are accurate and up to date.
  • Production processes can be controlled more tightly when rich process control information is made available to the operator in real time.
  • Delivery performance improves when current DIFOT (Delivery In Full and On Time) information is made available across the supply chain.
  • Contractual risk is reduced when production capacity and availability to promise information is visible to the Sales Department, especially in Made To Order (MTO) production systems.

With the rapid advances in recent times, data storage, analysis and presentation technology is now delivering real value for small to medium organisations. Data analysis tasks that previously took several days can now be completed in minutes. Spreadsheets that previously would come to a grinding halt each time they recalculated now refresh and recalculate in real time.

Once you have your system secure and aligned with your business needs why stop there? Pivotal Data Solutions has helped many small businesses extract valuable insights from the information they work with daily. These insights have lead to or enabled new business opportunities, targeted cost reduction and massive improvements in customer service. Why not contact us for an obligation free discussion on what we can do for you?