DIKWBusiness Systems Alignment is the next step. Put simply, alignment means that your system enables rather than frustrates you and your staff and customers.  It involves ensuring your information systems support your operations seamlessly, are scalable, flexible and ready to meet future objectives, without breaking the bank.

Pivotal Data Solutions will work with you to ensure your information systems are working well for you now and are capable of supporting your future plans. We approach information systems from a business rather than technology perspective.  Instead of talking about Cloud we talk about operating expenses and monthly cost saving.  Instead of talking about a new server we talk about capital budgets and return on investment.

Technologies that have matured in recent years now empower businesses of all sizes to choose solutions all the way from a pure operating expense, just like your monthly electricity account where you only pay for what you use, right through to sophisticated highly available On Premise solutions, just like having your own generator on site.  The beauty is you don’t have to choose one or the other.  Most small to medium businesses find that a hybrid solution combining aspects of Cloud and On Premise technologies meets their needs while lowering both capital and operating costs.

As a general guide a business should consider:

Cloud solutions for business processes and data:

  • that are highly mobile (e.g. travelling sales, site offices)
  • that are variable in terms of the number of users
  • require relatively complex back end infrastructure (e.g. large databases, e-mail servers)
  • when the internet connections all locations are high speed and reliable (e.g. NBN and 4G or ADSL2+ close to the exchange)
  • that have a smaller proportion of users of the specific system in the business
  • that are part of a new process or are in a trial stage
  • that can be adapted to suit the solution (most cloud systems are not easily modified)

On Premise (Traditional) solutions for business processes and data:

  • that are accessed from one or more permanent offices
  • when the internet connections at one or more key locations are low speed or unreliable (e.g. 3G or ADSL a large distance from the exchange)
  • that are used by all business users (a core process or core competence)
  • that involve large volumes of data such as high resolution images and video
  • where a high degree of customisation is required

These are very general recommendations and what works for one business will not necessarily work for another business.  If you would like to discuss your specific requirements and challenges further feel free to contact us to arrange an obligation free discussion.