• Darren’s unique combination of big picture and attention to detail was a fantastic asset to our company. We still use many of the systems and tools created by Darren (such as our quoting system) over five years later because we haven’t found anything that improves on them.

    - Peter Maguire (Managing Director, GEA Farm Technologies Australia)
  • To say that we didn’t know what we were missing before Darren introduced us to Business Information using tools we already had would be an understatement. Not only did we get greater clarity on our Sales Budget, Forecast, Sales Orders and Delivery Performance just to name a few, we also raised the level of data competency, process design and fact based decisions throughout the organisation.

    The results speak for themselves with massive improvements in Delivery In Full and On Time (DIFOT) and vastly improved ability to promise realistic delivery dates for our large capital orders.

    Give Pivotal Data Solutions a call, you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.


    - Andrew Gray (Managing Director, HiVue)


With a little help small to medium businesses can now gain insight into their customers and processes previously only available to large, well-resourced organisations. In many cases the base data required is already being stored by default, data analysis and visualisation technologies such as Microsoft Excel® are already installed but vastly underutilised and the processes to effectively utilise the insights generated may not yet exist.

Businesses that embrace the opportunities enabled by the current information revolution which has been sparked by key recent technologies will rapidly gain an advantage over larger or more conservative organisations. Leading businesses will use virtualisation, cloud and powerful analysis technologies to act more quickly and decisively all while reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

How can we help?

Pivotal Data Solutions has many years’ experience working with technology and transforming real world data into insight. We do this by evaluating existing systems and process, helping to plan for changes, training key staff to leverage technologies and data sources. The results are people are empowered, decisions are made faster and closer to the action and risk is reduced.Pivotal Data Solutions Logo

Our logo was designed with this in mind. The overall triangular shape is representative of the classic Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW) pyramid. The individual triangles representing the data, technology and process pieces all fitting into place. The clear triangular space in the middle represents the untapped potential within the smart people hidden in all organisations.

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